Our Services

We are over 35 years of experience

Pre-event services :

Budgeting Venue selection Theme concept creation Agenda development.

Events marketing features :

CRM, application, support,data management

Onsite :

Meet and assist ,Ushering ,Registration ,Gala dinner and Entertainment

Post event:

Documentary & Data tracking

Events marketing :

Event web monitor Exhibitors leads generation Management and dashboard

Cloud event Marketing Social media management

Provide Solutions to our Clients in terms of :

Facilitates Hospitality requirements including Hotels Bookings, Travel Planning and Conferences organizing facilities .

Develop Marketing and Business Strategy :

Through researches and data analytics we collect, analyze data and create the Solution.

Evaluate business Opportunities :

Study market trends, demand and current supply and forecast.

Negotiate deals, Merges and acquisition :

We supply the strategic value of acquisitions and business merge through strategic study and digital analytics.

Helps our partners to improve data base and customer retention :

Using the right and professional tools that collect the data and information.

Full year marketing plan for your Business :

via initiative plans executed through multi-platform to attract participants.

We have access to cutting edge marketing tools, connections with key influencers, and relationships with leading businesses to ensure your campaign’s success.

passion for travel and the tourism industry, and a keen interest in the top digital tools to help our clients meet their goals.

We Offer optional coaching, consulting and training to help your staff take over your campaign .